Confessions from a Personal Development Addict

It’s true, I’m addicted to personal development and self help media of all forms. Podcasts, books, even meditation apps and organizations. At a time when everything can feel like its falling apart, this gives me a sense of holding myself together and keeping things organized. Read on for my thoughts on my current favorites.

From Rachel Hollis:

I found out about Rachel Hollis because of the success of her book, “Girl, Wash your Face”. I’m working my way through that one now, and finding a lot of motivation and positivity. There is a good amount of advice for mothers that I cannot relate to, but the rest of it is great.

I am also currently working my way through Rachel and Dave Hollis’ Next 90 Days challenge. Each week, a new lesson is emailed to you. The lessons include an instructional video and typically a task to complete for that week. This week, the focus is on habits–how to change them and adopt better ones.

Lastly, I finished the audiobook of Rachel Hollis’ Girl, Stop Apologizing, and found some great tips for those looking to improve upon their mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

The Hollises run a podcast where you can find plenty more tips, it is titled the RISE podcast.

From Brene Brown:

Brene Brown is a popular researcher and motivational speaker as well as professor at the University of Houston. I have been loving her books and podcast recently. I listened to her narration of Dare to Lead on audiobook, which helps listeners to become better leaders in their careers and personal lives. I also love her podcast, and have listened to nearly all of its episodes, which include a recent interview with Alicia Keys discussing her new book.

Other Podcasts:

I’m obsessed with self help and personal development, and some of my other favorites include:

Optimal Living Daily

Life Kit by NPR

Optimal Health Daily

Happier with Gretchen Rubin

The Happiness Lab

What are your favorite self help and personal development books or podcasts? Let me know in the comments.

Review: Riley Sager’s The Last Time I Lied

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Move over, Friday the 13th, there’s a new king of summer camp mysteries. Riley Sager’s The Last Time I Lied takes a successful stab at the well-known trope of deaths and disappearances amongst the backdrop of cabins and bug juice. In the novel, Emma returns to the re-opened Camp Nightengale, this time as a full-grown art teacher. She can’t help but paint the same thing over and over again–images of the girls that disappeared from the camp years ago, back when Emma herself was a camper. Emma’s return brings back dark memories and clues to a still unsolved mystery. Yet happenings at the camp start to eerily mirror that year from her childhood. When an unexpected event strikes, Emma is tasked with preventing yet another tragedy.

This mystery pulled me in quickly, and I couldn’t let go. It was definitely one of the best mystery novels I have read in a long time. Though it takes on an at-times cliche plot line, it updates in a fresh, entirely enthralling way. I was very impressed with this novel, and the reveal at the end was chilling and unexpected. The characters were detailed and complex, and the mystery complex as well.

Rating: 5/5 stars