Maintaining a Health and Fitness Routine During Quarantine

So, it’s been a while. Last time I posted on this blog was a sunnier time, with only a slight fear of pandemic looming on the horizon. Now, no matter where you are, COVID-19 is probably the top thing on your mind.

As I maintain a regular exercise routine at a local gym, I was skeptical about my ability to continue this while also social distancing. However, I’ve found a plethora of resources that have made it easier than ever to stay fit.

Many gyms have begun to offer online courses. My local gym started offering live online yoga and HIIT classes. They even rented out their spin bikes and now run online spin courses as well.

The internet is great resource to find classes like this, and more. Look at fitness influencers or local gyms on Instagram. Currently, I am following an online ab challenge from on Instagram. Turn to MindBody to find class schedules for online, typically zoom, courses.

It’s important to get outside during this crisis. It can help both mental and physical health. Try to bike, run, walk, or just sit outside for a bit. Just remember to stay 6 feet away from anyone else.

Eating healthy is also imperative to maintaining a healthy routine and immune system. Stick to vegetables and other whole foods. Currently, I am making my way through three days’ worth of healthy meals delivered from a local restaurant. Look around to see if there is anything like that near you–it allows you to stay healthy while helping local businesses.

Many fitness companies are currently offering freebies to those cooped up at home. Pure Barre is offering an extended free trial of their video courses, as well as Peloton. There are plenty of workout videos you can find on Youtube, as well. Favorites include Yoga with Adriene and Blogilates.

What have you been doing to stay fit and sane during the past few weeks? Let me know in the comments below.

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