Staying Productive During the Holidays

You probably view the holiday season as a time to wind down, relax, and lay on the couch eating homemade cookies. And it certainly can be. But don’t waste perfectly good time that can be used to plan and improve your skills for the coming months. Below are a few ways to utilize this time in order to continue staying up to date with your job search.

  • View holiday parties as networking opportunities: Don’t just chat mindlessly, but ask friends and family what they are up to and see if they know anyone working for a company you would enjoy working with. Take these constant social gatherings to be new opportunities for growth.
  • Keep applying: The holidays may be seen as a “dead” time to hear back from employers, but continue job hunting and getting your resume out there. Maybe you won’t hear back until later, but take this time to send in the perfect application.
  • Spruce up your resume: Take the time off to brush the dust off of your resume. Check out some new resume templates or samples online for inspiration. Add new positions and skills, and make sure it serves to pack a powerful punch for future recruiters.
  • Find connections from your family: Older family members can be a great resource for career advice, particularly if they are working in the same line as you. Family members closer in age can also help with advice and connections–for example, I was recently put in touch with a new contact working in publishing thanks to my cousin.
  • Develop your skills: take online courses in coding, marketing, or even literature. Hubspot Academy and edx are just a few of the sources to go to to find free or inexpensive courses that will help you to grow your skillset and knowledge.
  • Practice Interviewing: Take this time to run a practice interview with a friend or family member, and prepare strong answers to interview questions. Find more tips here.
  • Plus–Get the perfect interview outfit: Maybe you could even ask for this as a gift. It’s important to look the part when interviewing for a job, so prepare yourself this holiday season.

What other advice do you have? What are your plans for the holidays?

3 thoughts on “Staying Productive During the Holidays”

  1. Great tips about networking through other family members, it’s a great time to make connections even if you do wind down a little on the other stuff. I think enrolling in some online courses is a great tip as well x


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